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5 tips for creating memory palaces.

5 tips for getting started with your memory.

How to memorize speeches and text!

How to memorize your flight confirmation code when traveling!

How to memorize a FULL and COMPLETE deck of cards. 

How to learn to read Korean in just 5 minutes!

Here's how to memorize the colors (red, black), in order, of a shuffled deck of cards. 

Talking about the Linking Method and how to remember quick foreign words and their translation into English.

One of the most requested how-to's: how to memorize names and faces. 

Ever wonder how to memorize numbers. Look no further! 

How to memorize your grocery list by using your house! 

How to memorize a list of things real quick by using your body parts. 







In this week's episode of the MIND SHOW we have BORIS KONRAD, a legend in the memory sports world. Also a champion Speed Stacker and well-known neuroscientist studying the mind and memory. 

In this week's episode of the MIND SHOW, we chat with teenage math prodigy, Javen Ho, who I met last summer on the set of a TV show we both were on. He can add super fast and it's all a result of how he was taught math at a young age.
In this week's episode of the MIND SHOW, we have an exciting chat with Speed Cubing champ, Anthony Brooks. One of the fastest Rubik's Cube solvers in the world, we dive into techniques, strategies, and what it's like to be a professional cuber. 2:15 - "Intro" 3:37 - "How did you get started?"

This week's episode of the MIND SHOW, we chat with Katie Kermode, the words and names memorizing god!! She has a mix of talent and natural abilities in memory, which allow her to be so awesome at those two events which most memory athletes have trouble with.

On this week's episode of the MIND SHOW we have University of Oakland Engineering professor Dr. Barbara Oakley, who is most well-known for her MOOC "Learning How To Learn" ( She is also a successful author, having published "A Mind For Numbers" as well as the upcoming "Mindshift."

On this weeks episode of the MIND SHOW we sit down with Simon Reinhard, one of the TOP memory athletes in the world and 2x Extreme Memory Champion. We discuss his techniques, outlook on competitions, and how he was able to win so single-handedly over his memory career.

Here we go into the 11th episode of the MIND SHOW. This week we dig into the world of card counting and Blackjack with professional card counter, Jared Alderman. Jared is a memory athlete and training to become a Navy SEAL, so you can imagine his mental determination.

I mini MIND SHOW episode explaining how I was able to memorize 10,000 digits of Pi. Detailing the techniques and methods I used to memorize this massive amount of information.

On the 9th episode of the MIND SHOW, Nelson talks with the famous mathematician, Art Benjamin. He teaches mathematics at Harvey Mudd College and is a famed prodigious mental calculator (and magician) best known for his incredible multiplication and squaring abilities.

In the 10th episode of the MIND SHOW, Nelson has a chat with the polyglot and expert language learner, Gabriel Wyner. Gabriel is a former opera singer and has since taught himself how to speak up to seven languages. In his book "Fluent Forever" he discusses the tips and tricks to learning a language FAST.      

This week, on our 7th episode of the MIND SHOW, Nelson chats with the 3x World Memory Champion and LEGEND of memory sports, Ben Pridmore. He has held numerous world records over the years for memorizing cards, numbers, and binary numbers, and his been around in memory sports since nearly the beginning.

On our 8th episode of the MIND SHOW, Nelson chats with the musical prodigy (and best friend), David Leibovitch. He holds one of the coolest mind skills I can think of: PERFECT PITCH. He is a virtuoso violin player and has musical skills and knowledge you can't even fathom.

This week, on the 5th episode of the MIND SHOW, Nelson interviews the HUMAN CALCULATOR, Scott Flansburg. He holds the record for being able to count by any number in the fastest time. Listen in as he discusses math, numbers, education, and mental calculation competitions. Fascinating stuff!

This week, on our 6th episode of the MIND SHOW, Nelson chats with the famed Supercalculator, RĂ¼diger Gamm. He can calculate extremely large multiplications, exponents/powers, calendar dates, and can speak backwards. Yeah. It's insane! In this episode, we put RĂ¼diger to the test and learn about his incredible skills.

Ever wanted to be able to calculate the day of the week for any given date in history? Yusnier trained himself to do it and is now a World Record holder. In this 3rd episode of the MIND SHOW, we get to know Yusnier, his background, his skills, how he does it, and general math improvement tips.

This week, in our 4th episode of the MIND SHOW, we change gears and sit down with the oldest American climber to climb K2, Alan Arnette. He has also summited Mt. Everest and is a HUGE advocate for Alzheimer's research. Listen to him explain how he pushes his mind to conquer some of the tallest mountains in the world.

Catching up with the champion of the hit FOX show, SuperHuman: Luis Angel. His background, his story, his techniques...basically everything. 

In episode 2 of the MIND SHOW, we interview recent World Memory Champion, Alex Mullen. Discussions include his performance at the championship, his techniques in the different disciplines, mindset, and tips and strategies for students wanting to use memory techniques. Timestamps: 1:32 "Intro" 2:02 "What was it like going into the championship?"