Memorizing Names in 60 Seconds!

As a four time USA Memory Champion, I have to learn how to memorize things....FAST. We are constantly given time limits and a certain amount of information to memorize in that time. With practice, a lot of us memory athletes can do some pretty impressive things in a short amount of time. In this post, I wanted to share a performance of mine where I memorize 28 names in under 60 seconds. Sounds crazy right? Watch:

If you want to test your own memory for names, head over to and see for yourself (you'll also be simultaneously helping out our brain research). Now, it's only fair that I follow that up with an explanation of how exactly I memorized all those names so fast. So here is a video explanation of that exact attempt of memorizing names. This is literally what goes on in my head while I memorize that fast:

In the end, it's really just practice. 2017 is a fresh new year, so make the effort and try and learn the names of everyone you meet!